Privacy & Policies

Information We Collect

We collect information from individuals who interact with our Sites and Services, including those who incorporate our Service into their website (“Integrators”), those who utilize our services for data labeling (“Customers”), and the end users who interact with the our Service through the websites of our Integrators (“End-Users”).

We collect the following categories of information:

  • Information that can be used to identify or contact an individual (“Personal Information”), such as name, email address, and country. We collect Personal Information from our current and prospective Integrators and Customers when they give it directly to us (for example, by filling in a form when signing up for an account, or applying to receive email notifications from us). We may also verify the identity of our Integrators and Customers by comparing personal information against third party databases or official legal documents.
  • Information collected automatically as a result of an Integrator’s or Customer’s use of the our Sites or the Services (“Analytics Information”), such as IP addresses, browser type, Internet service provider, platform type, device type, operating system, date and time stamp of access, and other similar information. Some Analytics Information is collected on our behalf by third parties we engage for that purpose, and some Analytics Information is collected through a variety of tracking technologies, including cookies (see “Third Party Analytics and Tracking Technologies” below).
  • Information collected as a result of End-Users answering prompts through the Service (“Labeled Data”), such as image labeling data, text converted from audio files played to those End-Users, answers to questions, and other prompts generated by the Service for purposes of labeling data for use in machine learning applications. Note that Labeled Data is not tied to any identified individual.
  • Other information collected from End-Users as part of the Service to that is required to determine whether they
    are human, such as mouse movements, scroll position, keypress events, touch events, and gyroscope / accelerometer information as applicable.
  • We may collect additional information from End-Users who wish to work with us as Individual Data Labelers.